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Sustainable Fashion in India by Deshaj

India is a kaleidoscope of cultures that varies from one another in food, clothing, religion, language, and history. The multi-hued culture has a diverse fashion lineage that represents the true spirit of this land. The history of Indian clothing dates back to ancient times. It was in this land where once the finest textiles and fabrics were spun and exported. The rich spectrum of cultural heritage and diverse ethnic cultures have a unique impact on Indian fashion and clothes. Although earlier the focus was more concentrated on fast fashion, for the past few years sustainable fashion and ethical clothing emerged as a very organic alternative.

Several Indian fashion brands are putting a major emphasis on natural fabrics, organic dyes, and upcycled garments. These fashionable dresses and fashion accessories are not only cheap and stylish but also very comfy. The country with brooding summer heat and sultry weather on the major half of the year seems to embrace these indigenous apparel with soft natural fabrics, airy designs, earthy tone, and an authentic touch of vogue. Deshaj happens to be one such emerging brand that has been working in this domain for the past few years now. Deshaj is an artisan led fashion and lifestyle brand empowering tribal women of India. It works in the realm of eco-fashion to propagate the interesting and vibrant indie fashion of this country.

With exquisite innovative designs and modern tailoring techniques, Deshaj has been working to support ethical and organic fashion. The ancient traditional batik and tye-dye technique are being revived by our artisans. The fine exquisite work on muslin and natural fibers with tender floral designs gives an organic tinge to your wardrobe. The year 2020 has seen a surge in awareness among Indian buyers on eco-fashion and ethical clothing which directly contributed to more organic buy. People are relying more on ethically sourced sustainable clothes. The majority of buyers are now preferring quality over quantity. This shift towards indigenous fashion has promoted fair trade which in turn helped the skilled artisans to bring forth the contemporary art of weaving. Deshaj aims in empowerment of such artisans and especially tribal women. The core idea is to make them independent and trained in the craft while preserving the raw art form.

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