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Importance of e-Commerce to Fashion and Apparel Industry

The 21st century is undoubtedly the era of the internet. The Internet is the framework of every business today. The idea of e-commerce has flooded the fashion industry with incredible opportunities to flourish the business. The benefits of the revolution in the e-commerce model are being enjoyed by the fashion and apparel industry too. Several B2C growth analysis reports have suggested that there is a surge in sales of apparels across several e-commerce portals around the world. In India, the emergence of these online shopping portals has created ample business opportunities. The country is growing very fast with this new development of internet shopping and internet marketing.

The rise of e-commerce has brought with it many advantages to the buyers. The websites target potential buyers and grab their attention easily. The nature of the business is online, relying on automation mostly, except the customer service part(with some serious issues). The introduction of live chat, customized results, filters and honest reviews(feedbacks) has made the game of shopping much easily accessible and trustworthy for the customers

Most of the brands today are benefiting from their social media presence too. This is a strong platform to display their product and fetch attention and organic buy instantly. For fashion e-commerce, Instagram is the most influential brand. Several fashion brands use popular fashion influencers to promote their products and reach a wider audience. Facebook has its advantages as well, it helps to target specific demographics with advertisements. Twitter also targets specific demographics.

Statistics say that efficiently designed e-commerce portals are instrumental in boosting the sales of regional apparel. Apart from conventional buy like jeans, sneakers, and dresses the online marketing portals are polarizing Indian buyers towards traditional clothes. These ethnic outfits designed by regional artisans were initially localized fashion. Today with the onset of digital age several indigenous brands working under the concept of eco-fashion can bring forth the exquisite works on traditional Indian fabrics. This new development in fashion marketing is seized as an opportunity by several fashion influencers, fashion bloggers, and amazon influencers. Amazon initiated the amazon karigar program which aims in empowering local sellers to sell their products online. The program will help to promote the traditional handmade crafts and soft handlooms sarees of Bengal and other states. It is also a great way to promote small localized businesses by women from different states. For example brand Deshaj, an artisan led fashion and lifestyle brand has been working on this idea of eco-fashion for years. The idea is to empower tribal women and bring forth their crafts. Deshaj has been successful in reviving the traditional batik and tie-dye work on their designer apparels. The core idea is to infuse authentic art form with contemporary fashion. This way the traditional craft can be preserved and nurtured within the country with its benefits intact.

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